Dear friends,
I am Alexander Kukush, Professor of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University, Ukraine. I hope my website will be interesting for you. I propose you the cooperation in three directions. Want to know more - browse my site...
Prof.Dr.Alexander Kukush

List of Publications

Publications are international peer-reviewed articles, peer-reviewed articles, published in local journals: (a) articles, published in scientific journals, and (b) methodical articles, published in journals, international proceedings, fully published, other meetings, published in proceedings, internal reports, theses, books, articles or chapters in books, author's licence, refereed brochures, methodical papers in books and brochures, problems for mathematical Olympiads, and chess problems.

  1. International Peer-Reviewed Articles
  2. Peer-Reviewed Articles, Published in Local Journals
  3. International Proceedings, Fully Published
  4. Other Meetings, Published in Proceedings
  5. Internal Reports
  6. Theses
  7. Books
  8. Articles or Chapters in Books
  9. Authorís Licence
  10. Refereed Brochures
  11. Methodical Papers in Books and Brochures
  12. Problems for Mathematical Olympiads
  13. Chess Problems